This fully upholstered sectional sofa is a preferred option for modern day living. The timeless design with its solid timber book arm and drop arm plates is an ideal option for storage of magazines and beverages.

As per image:
• Seater with 1 timber book arm
• Chaise with timber plate on drop arm
• Chaise with 1 arm and timber plate on drop arm

Standard sizes approximately:
• Seater with 8” timber book arm – 38”L x 36”D
• Chaise with 8” timber plate drop arm – 80”L x 30”D
• Chaise with one arm and timber plate drop arm – 98”L x 38”D


1. Can customize to any combination of sizes
2. A wide range of fabric options available
3. Please check availability of stocks as all items are tailor made to customer requirement
4. Special items would need 8-10 weeks for manufacturing
However, this may vary with the projects in hand